Introducing THE CHOP STIK by Donald Scott

Welcome to a whole new way to look at the way we cut hair using a razor. Years ago Donald revolutionized the razor world by introducing the tool we all love The Carving Comb. Now we are taking it to the next level by asking the question “What are the limits in hair design and how do we push them?” The next generation of hair cutting implements is here and it starts with the Chop Stik.

What it is: The Chop Stik is a visionary tool that take the traditional razor and stands it on it head. With the use of the chop stick design we are able to use the tool for much more than a cutting tool. Not unlike its predecessors The Carving Comb, The TDS Twist, and The DSX4 The Chop Stik makes the razor cutting world more user friendly.

What is it used for: The Chop Stik is used for Cutting, Texturizing, Softening, Disconnecting, Parting, Weaving, and any other visionary use you can think of.

How is it used: The Chop Stik can be held a variety of ways while designing your looks. Most common is the pinch grip. By holding onto The Chop Stik much like you would a tooth brush the perfect balance is created to do many traditional razor cutting techniques. The grip and flip hold is going to be used when The Chop Stik is utilized as a parting or weaving tool as well as a cutting tool. The pencil grip is perfect for creating wispy edges or texturizing anywhere on the head to create lift. Beyond these techniques you can come up with many others to expand your own creativity.

When is it used: The Chop Stik is used whenever you want to use a tool that looks and feels differently than your tools you currently use. Parting hair is made simple with the use of the chop stick design. It can be used when the use of a razor is called for to do a full hair design or just add to the design that was created using Scissor, Carving Comb, or The Twist.

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A Razor Sharp Duo

Paul Mitchell is teaming up with Donald Scott / NY this spring to support the #1 carving comb and innovative stylist tools on the market! Look out for special promotions and exciting tips and techniques from Donald Scott and our Artistic Directors.

Visit for details.

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Sneak Peek at The Upcoming Donald Scott Videos

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Sold-Out, Standing-Room-Only Success for Donald Scott /NY

The Mid-American Beauty Classic was an unmitigated sold-out and standing-room-only success for Donald Scott /*NY.

All six classes were sold out almost two months before the show date. The booth was swamped and every single Donald Scott/*NY products sold out. The fastest seller was the new Chrome Combination set.

Donald demonstrating the Donald Scott/*NY Razors to hairdressers attending show

Donald and Jason Clemons, artistic director for Donald Scott/*NY on Stage in our classroom

Posted in News | Leave a comment Sells Paul Mitchell Razors Created By Donald Scott For Paul Mitchell

Just as it’s URL says,, sells hair and beauty supplies to professionals. They carry all the Donald Scott Paul Mitchell tools, including the NEW Chop/Stik Razor.

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Donald Scott Profiled As Beauty Entrepeneur at Suite 101

Donald Scott, inventor of the Paul Mitchell Carving Comb, was recently profiled in a beauty article in Suite 101.

“My favorite gig is working with future professionals, new hairdressers coming into the business,” says Scott during a recent phone interview from his New York City home. “I speak to them about my journey throughout my career.”

Read more at Suite101: Celeb Hairdresser Wears a Medley of Hats

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Texture Haircut using the Paul Mitchell Razors created by Donald Scott

Donald Scott skillfully demonstrates adding texture to thick hair using the Paul Mitchell Razors.

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San Antonio Hair Show WithTeam Donald Scott NY

Donald Scott having fun demonstrating his Carving Comb with hairdressers in San Antonio September San Antonio Hair Show-15,000 Hairdressers attended and Team Donald Scott NY demonstrated the Donald Scott Paul Mitchell Razors including the newest design-The DS/X4

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Razor Hair Cutting Techniques Featuring The Paul Mitchell Carving Comb and TDS Twist Razor

Our newest video on YouTube:

Launch Pad Magazine’s #1 Razor, The Carving Comb is the safe and essential tool for razor cutting. Inventor Donald Scott shows a hair cut using the Carving Comb and the TDS Twist Razor.

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Razor Cut Featuring the Paul Mitchell Twist Razor and DS/X4 Razor created by Donald Scott

Hairstylist Manola demonstrates the pony tail haircut using the Paul Mitchell Twist Razor,  the New DSX4  Razor and the Paul Mitchell Carving Comb created and designed by Donald Scott for DonaldScottNY

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