These professional Paul Mitchell Carving Comb and TDS Twist Razor replacement blades are offered to licensed professionals ONLY. For those who are Paul Mitchell Salons or order Paul Mitchell Products for their Salons, the Paul Mitchell Carving Combs, the TDS Twist Razors, the DSX/4 Razor, the Paul Mitchell Carving Comb/Twist replacement blades, and DSX/4 replacement blades are available from your Paul Mitchell distributor. Please click here to get the US and international listings for your Paul Mitchell Distributor or contact Laura at DonaldScottNY for assistance.

If you are not a Paul Mitchell Salon or do not CARRY Paul Mitchell products in your Salon, please feel free to use the on-line ordering below for Carving Comb replacement blades and Donald Scott */NY accessories. Please Note: On-Line payment processing is by PAYPAL and is ONLY for orders in the United States. We’re sorry, but shipping costs for overseas and Canada are prohibitive.

Paul Mitchell Carving Comb/Twist Replacement Blades


Paul Mitchell replacement blades are designed to fit our razor tools with state-of-the-art sharpness. Our blades fit both the Carving Combs© and the TDS Twist Razors©.

“We have the sharpest razors in the industry,” says Donald Scott. “Our Blades are made exclusively from the finest materials for the Carving Comb and Twist Razor.”

Donald Scott */NY blades have passed rigorous testing and Designed specifically to fit our razor tools with state-of-the-art sharpness, our blades fit in both the Carving Comb© and the TDS Twist Razors©.

Note: Donald Scott */NY does not recommend and cannot guarantee the use of any blades that have not been certified by our company.

Buy 1 (one) box with 10 (ten) replacement blades for just $12.50

Shipping and handling is just 5.00.

(United States Orders Only)

Buy 10 (ten) boxes for 100 (one hundred) replacement blades for just $106.25!

That’s a saving of more than 15%! And shipping is just 10 dollars for the order.

(United States Orders Only)

Donald Scott */NY Haircutting Clips


Hold and Grip the hair tight to keep in place while cutting the hair.

$9.99 for 12 Haircutting Clips plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

(United States Orders Only)

New Donald Scott*/NY DVDs


1- Donald Scott */NY Volume 1 Razor Cutting (THE BECCA)
2- Donald Scott */NY Secret Techniques (ALL RAZOR DESIGNS INCLUDED) The Carving Comb (Wine and Fine), Swivel Twist,    Chop/Stik Razor, DS/X4 Razor and Groom*Stik Trimmer.

Select your DVD to purchase.

New Donald Scott*/NY Sprayer

spray bottle

Donald Scott */NY Sprayer: Fine Mist Spray, No water droplets.

Donald searched high and low for the best sprayer so the water would not drip on the client or soak the client when sprayed. Mission Accomplished with the Donald Scott */NY Water Bottle.

New Donald Scott*/NY Capes


Donald Scott */NY Capes are made from a light material. Hair falls right off. Easy to close snaps so hair doesn’t stick to Velcro. Water resistant. Covers the whole client and is very light.



7 Responses to Blades

  1. Hi there,
    I’d like to purchase a twist razor and 100 blades. Can you please tell me the price and where to order. I know I can order the blades an the Donald Scott NY site, but what about the razor? It took me months to get the carving comb and I really don’t want to repeat this experience. Hope you can help. Thank you

  2. Diane Megson says:

    I am interested in purchasing the Paul Mitchell Carving comb…but I do not see the link above for the carving comb…

    Can you please inform me as to how to order this product? I am a licensed hairstylist in Colorado…

  3. Annmaire says:

    Can you please tell me where or how I can buy one of your Carving Combs….I am not a licensed hairstylist but have been cutting my own hair for years. When I saw this product I thought WOW! This could make my life so much easier. Every person that cuts my “fine” hair butchers it up….even Panopolous ugh! I tell them now to cut with scissors so this is why I do my own hair…should have went to beauty school. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and haven’t found anyone here that sells them? Thank you in advance.

    Annmarie (

  4. admin says:

    Hi Ashley,
    Thank you for your email. They are available through your local Paul Mitchell distributor. Please go to our website and click on distributors and let me know how you make out.
    Thank you Ashley

  5. admin says:

    Thank you for your post. Please go to our website at and your distributor will be PM of Switzerland. The contact information will be there.

  6. admin says:

    Thank you for your post. This is available through your local PM Distributor as the other ones are.

  7. admin says:

    Hi Adeline,
    Thank you for your email. Please contact your local Paul Mitchell distributor for our DS/*NY Razors. Distributor List is available at

    Thank you.

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